When it comes to commercial heating solutions, retail spaces presents its own unique set of challenges that Monarch Advanced Air Systems is expert at handling.

Stores with large glass fronts can have high peak solar effects or conversely, high heat loss can also occur on cold, cloudy days. Shopping malls with a large number of stores of varying sizes, some of which may have interior facing windows and keep their doors open at all times. This creates a larger area which needs to be kept a constant heat, humidity and air flow. Retail spaces can also have a combination of options, with some areas facing outwards, while others face inwards. There might also be multiple stories in one retail space.

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It is safe to say that retail spaces with central heating systems require complex planning and design before any work on the building starts. These systems are integrated into the initial design so as to create the most aesthetic exterior while having the most energy-efficient and cost-effective flexible heating system. Monarch Systems keep in mind the automatic control systems that regulate changing loads, the areas where the most foot traffic is expected and the energy-efficiency during peak times combined with varying weather conditions in New Zealand. This requires a team of experts that know all about commercial heating systems and put that knowledge to good use when designing your retail heating system.

Monarch Advanced Air Systems give you the freedom to select the indoor model best suited to each and every room. Our HVAC systems are designed to allow multiple indoor heating units of varying capacity and type to be connected to just one outdoor unit, enhancing exterior aesthetics by reducing the number of outdoor units required.

Our project management team work closely with the contractor from the design phase of the project until the HVAC equipment is commissioned. Then our service division will maintain the plant to ensure optimum life cycle cost.

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