Monarch Advanced Air Systems worked on many heating system projects for education facilities over the years.

Education facilities require a customized solution for their specific needs. This is because every school or university has a unique set of buildings. With varying uses, a “one-size-fits-all” approach is the last thing you need!

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Monarch Air understands that you can’t have a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We are experts in the design, installation and maintenance of education facilities’ HVAC systems. At the design stage of any education project, we work closely with engineering consultants and building contractors. We give valuable engineering advice to develop their HVAC plans. We recently completed the installation of HVAC and ventilation systems at Massey University.

Government requirements

The New Zealand Government recommend using boilers for heating schools. That’s because boiler heating systems are a safe, low-cost method of heating schools. Monarch can work with you to figure out if a boiler heating system is the best solution for your school. We take consider that some areas have restrictions on releasing emissions to minimise pollution and the effects on neighbours.

Uniquely designed

Universities and colleges have such a wide variety of buildings. Each building’s energy needs vary widely depending on the specific building use and its location on the campus. HVAC systems need to be flexible due to the nature of the use of the building. We also take into account the frequency of use and the location within a building, whether that is single-storied or multiple storied. It is also not unusual to find a campus has various HVAC systems installed over time by multiple companies.

It is thus important to work with a company that understands the unique heating needs of an education facility. We can be adaptable in our solution and services. Monarch Advanced Air Systems is exactly the solution for you. We can work with existing infrastructure to produce the best heating and air system for your educational facility.

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