Monarch Advanced Air Systems is at the forefront when it comes to the design and installation of heating services in commercial buildings in the Lower Central North Island.

The installation of mechanical services systems is a specialist field. Particularly when a commercial building has multiple levels. Commercial heating systems come with its own particular set of requirements. Monarch Air has the expertise to meet the demand of our commercial offices’ clients. Not only do we design your commercial heating system with you, but we handle the installation and maintenance. This gives you long term peace of mind that your central heating system will live up to expectation. If you have an existing heating system, you can also contact us for upgrades or additions.

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Monarch Advanced Air Systems have completed in a number of landmark HVAC projects. The team at Monarch has embraced the need for sustainability and we have completed installations of heating systems for Green Star-Rated buildings. Our trained preventative maintenance teams can service the specialised HVAC equipment that we have installed in these environmentally sustainable buildings.

Across the years we worked on many and varied heating projects in the heating sector. Commercial ventilation and heating systems have advanced and developed to supply customized and sustainable solutions to bigger and bigger buildings. It has become necessary for companies to have a standard range of products available. Additionally, heating system suppliers need to be able to adapt these heating solutions to the customer’s needs. This is where Monarch Advanced Air Systems outshine the competition.

We have years of experience in both residential and commercial heating systems. However, these days our focus is our commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning customers. We have a portfolio of past heating projects available for you to view, but the list is by no means complete. Commercial offices projects do not tend to be glamorous! Installing heating systems is serious business. And we take our HVAC business seriously!

So if you are in the Lower Central North Island, whatever your commercial heating needs may be, Monarch Advanced Air Systems can assist you.

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