Heat Transfer Systems

Is your Lounge Hot, but your Bedrooms Not!

Heat Transfer Systems utilise your excess heat by transfering it from your lounge and distrubiting it to other rooms in your home. This enables you to "take the chill off" your bedrooms and create a warm enviroment for your family. Heat Transfer systems include acoustic insulated ducting to achieve maximum heat transfer with minimum noise.

Typical home heating concentrates on warming the lounge, which means you are often 'Hot'  in one room while the rest of the house is unbearably cold. Heat Transfer systems overcome this issue by effectively transferring the excess heat from this room to other rooms in the home.

Our digital thermostat controller measures and displays the temperature of your lounge and lets you preset your preferred room temperature. When your lounge temperature exceeds your preferred room temperature the system will automatically start to transfer the excess heat to other rooms in your home.

The one, two and three room systems also offer fan speed control, which allows you to set your preferred fan speed giving you the ultimate control over the volume of heated air being transferred.

Not limited to a three room system, the team at Monarch can design a system for four and five room houses to ensure an even heat is distributed throughout your home.


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One Room System

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