Ducted Heating Systems

A ducted system lets you and your family enjoy the comfort of powerful air conditioning in every part of your home all year round. Quiet efficient and reliable, our ducted systems have a 5-6 year warranty so you can be sure you'll get quality air conditioning for years to come.

With  flexible options we can tailor a Ducted system to suit your needs of your family and home. Contact us today to discuss how to design a ducted system thats right for you.

Inverter control allows optimum comfort conditions to be achieved in the shortest period of time. This is vital when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing, or when the unit is first turned on.


Option 1

ducted heating units

Small Area.

Heating Capacity:5.5-7.0kW

Cooling Capacity:5.0-6.0kW

Option 2

ducted heating options

Medium Area.

Heating Capacity:7.0-11kW

Cooling Capacity:6.0-10kW

Option 3

ducted heating systems NZ

Large Area.

Heating Capacity:11-18kW

Cooling Capacity:10-16kW


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