Towel Rails

  • When connected to a warm water central heating system, heated towel rails double as sources of radiant heat and towel dryers. The heat output from these towel rails is higher than most electric alternatives and can provide a space heating option in en-suites and smaller bathrooms. They also are useful in kitchens and laundry rooms to add more warmth and dry wet towels or rags.

    Electric elements can be fitted to the towel rails so they can be used without a central heating system or if the system is turned off (for example, during the summer months). It is most cost effective to install the towel rails as part of your system.

  • Because there is no forced air movement, there are no draughts, hot and cold spots, or noisy fans to contend with. The heat is passive and unobtrusive. It warms objects and fabric within the room.
  • The process is superbly efficient. No water is actually consumed, and once the water is up to temperature the heat source modulates or switches off while heat continues to be emitted from the pipes or radiators.
  • All systems are fitted with a thermostat and time controller, allowing warmth to be delivered only when it is needed. In addition, individual radiators are fitted with thermostats, allowing precise control over the heating supplied to different parts of the house.

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