• Radiators provide a responsive and flexible heating option for both new and existing homes. They heat up and cool down quickly, so are ideally suited to New Zealand’s changeable weather conditions and the typically busy lifestyles of New Zealanders. Radiators are popular because they are:

    • Healthy: There are no forced air draughts or cold spots, and the radiant heat they produce reduces damp.
    • Responsive: Turn them on when you need them and off when you don’t, without having to wait long for them to kick in. It usually only takes 10 minutes for them to warm up.
    • Safe: Radiators are great for children, the elderly and pets. Their surface warms to between 60°C and 75°C so they will not affect curtains or furniture placed in close proximity. (For added safety, we also offer low surface temperature models for hospitals, rest homes and child care facilities.)
    • Controllable: All radiators are thermostatically controlled by thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), and can be turned off individually or as a system. All systems also include time and temperature controls, allowing homeowners to tune a system to their individual preferences and requirements.
    • Stylish: They come in a variety of styles, all available in a standard white, which can also be painted to almost any colour you choose.

    (They are also very effective at drying clothes on days when outdoor drying is not possible!)

  • The extra installation costs and minimal additional running costs are far outweighed by the benefits and sheer pleasure of being comfortable throughout the house. More of the house will be used and “lived in” if it is comfortable throughout, and its perceived value and attractiveness for future sale will increase. In addition, it is highly efficient, environmentally-friendly and easy to control. It is the preferred method of heating across two-thirds of the world.
  • Individual radiators have their own thermostatic valve that senses the room temperature. When the room reaches the temperature set on the thermostatic valve, the radiator shuts off. This valve can be turned off altogether in rooms that are not being used. The valve is a slave thermostat, which means it will only regulate heat when the main system controller is on.

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