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No Noise, and the ability to control the heat in each area, while not distracting from the character of the house was the challenge presented to us with this home.

This system run by a gas boiler is heating the hallway, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the laundry. A heated towel rail dries the handtowels in the bathroom while radiators heat the other areas.

The client is very impressed with what we have been able to achieve with this project.

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The Watson Family

Testimonial, Mr Watson

"Love it. We wouldn't be without our heating now. Best investement we ever made!"

This install consists of 2 central ducted units. One unit heating and cooling the living areas and the second unit heating and cooling the bedrooms.  Air is supplied by the discrete diffusers in the celing.

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The Curry Family

Install consisted on 1 ducted unit heating and cooling the whole house. The house was split into two zones, bedrooms and the living areas. Heating or Air Conditioning the Living areas during the day then switching over to the bedrooms at night.

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The Booth Family


Craig Booth

Awesome! I can't even hear it. 

Install consisted of 1 central ducted unit heating the bedrooms and hallway.

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