This Premium system eliminates roof damage. This roof walkway system has been designed with roof protection being paramount throughout the design and testing stages.

With our walkways all loadings are transferred back to the building structure meaning that the stability or longevity of the walkways is not dependant on the strength of the roof profile.

In raising the walkways 200mm from the roof, debris traps have been eliminated. Our open mesh walkways allow for the natural elements, rain and sun to assist in keeping the roof free of corrosion causing debris. The 200mm step from the walkway to the roof deters personal from leaving the designated service walkway, thus further reducing roof damage.

These walkways have minimal contact points with the roof. The walkway can span up to 3000mm between fixing points to the building. The 3000mm spanning capabilities of the walkways means access over skylights or other fragile products is not an issue.

Even in icy conditions this system offers safe non slip access due to the open knurled mesh used.

This system has been designed to the AS/NZS 1170, Parts 0, 1, 2, 3 & 5 Structural design actions and in accordance with the Building B1 structure and B2 durability codes.

To achieve the above, all materials are non corrosive and compatible with the roofing products. Installation of the system is simple and fast as there are so few components.

The walkway requires limited or no extra penetrations to the roof. The system uses existing roof fixing penetrations, and support clips are fixed similar to a load bearing roof fixing.



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