Plant Platforms

This system offers a simple yet effective method of supporting air handling units from 100kg up to 1500kg (depending on the roof structure) This system can be supplied as a skeletal frame mount or as a full mesh platform, which provides a deck area for service personal.

A handrail system can be simply fitted and complies with the AS/NZ Safety and Building codes.

These platforms are designed to the AS/NZS 1170, parts 0,1,2,3 & 5 Structural design actions and in accordance with the Building B1 structure and B2 durability codes. The mesh deck platform is a modular system and uses a similar design to the our walkway. All products used in the fabrication of the plant platform system are compatible with roofing systems and are constructed from non-corrosive materials.

The design of the platform prevents any debris build up around frames and provides maximum natural washing of the roof


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