Condensor Mounts

These Adjustable Supports overcome many of the common issues faced when installing small condenser units and other air handling plant over the roof. Existing penetrations are used to fix the  roofing clips back to the building structure.

The Supports are fabricated from high tensile marine grade aluminium and stainless steel fixings. These are compatible with steel and membrane roofing products, thus eliminating issues caused by using incompatible materials such as H3 treated timber.  Adjustable Supports are extremely robust in design and can support units weighing up to 130kg (Conditions apply.)

The  Supports lend themselves to a wide and varied range of applications. Condenser mounts can be adjusted to suit roof angles from 0°-45° and purlin spacings ranging from 600mm - 2000mm.  These mounts can also be multi banked for inreased efficiency and enhanced presentation. Our supports eliminate roof damage caused through poorly designed and installed support systems.


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